Utah On-Site Wastewater Association


2021 UOWA Conference

  • Student Membership – Includes 2021 virtual conference attendance
  • Standard Membership – Includes 2021 virtual conference attendance + 2021 UOWA & NOWRA membership
  • Supporting Membership – Includes 2021 virtual conference attendance for two attendees
  • Exhibitor – Includes 2021 virtual conference attendance for two and vendor space


  • Feb 4th: 9AM – 1PM
  • Feb 5th: 9AM – 1PM


Online virtual conference. A link to view the conference will be sent to the email you registered with.

UOWA Board

Robert Beers

Past President (2019)

Jesse McCourt

President-Elect (2021)

Ryan Blair

President (2020)

Brian Cowan

Treasurer (2019)

At-Large Members

Wyatt Bingham (2019)
Keith Goodspeed (2018)
Jason Harlan (2019)
Kirt Jensen (2019)
Craig Jorgenson (2018)
Casey Muir (2018)

About UOWA

The Utah On-site Wastewater Association (UOWA) was created in 1998 with the help of Utah State University’s Utah On-site Wastewater Treatment Training Program.

UOWA membership is offered to onsite industry professionals consisting of contractors, engineers, consultants, academics, product manufacturers, commercial distributors, and regulators. UOWA objectives include developing awareness of water quality issues, improving on-site programs and regulations, and promoting continuing education and advancement of on-site issues and technologies for on-site professionals.

UOWA’s efforts have made an indelible mark on Utah’s on-site professional community by increasing knowledge and expertise amongst on-site professionals. This has encouraged better partnership between state agencies, local regulators, on-site system designers, contractors, property owners, and community officials toward improving water quality throughout Utah.